Artist Statement

My work focuses on the figure while interior spaces are filled with textiles, patterns, color, and clues to narratives both personal and from the external world. I feel that the figure harnesses my intrigue with psychology and encourages me to personalize my paintings similarly to how I experience life through my body. I paint friends and family because those are the people who I am most familiar with. I gather snapshots from photo shoots that I stage or from photos that I collect from my subjects. I visually collage the patterns, typeface, and symbols within the spaces abstractly. The colors and textiles become clues to something personal about the individual or more likely about myself. I always begin with the figure; the mystery and intrigue within the figure encourage the painting to unfold and surprise me. This process is addictive as I am always experiencing the process of a puzzle and I feel compelled to continue these puzzles from each painting to the next.