Artist Statement

My work focuses on the figure while interior spaces are filled with textiles, patterns, color, and clues to narratives both personal and from the external world. The figure harnesses my intrigue with psychology and encourages my personalization with those portrayed. I paint friends and family because those are the people whom I am most familiar. Gathering snapshots from photo shoots staged or from photos collected from subjects begins my practice while visually collaging the patterns, typeface, and symbols within the space abstractly. The colors and textiles become clues regarding narratives as though within a dream. The mystery, and intrigue felt within figurative painting encourages the painting to unfold similarly to piecing together an addictive puzzle.

Within my oil painting series "Still life, Figures and Imaginary Landscapes" I work a bit differently while using elements of surprise unfolding within the layers of paint. This process feels more like molding colorful Mud Pies to describe my painting conversation. Scraping the oil paint and failing again repeatedly creates the painting and unfolds to become something I could not imagine in terms of texture or physicality within the paint. This statement was written in my sketchbook during the slowly drying oil painting and scraping process which inspired me last summer. "Layers of light illuminating air, space, time and season. I want to paint that light or music within the pink and orange skies reflecting memory. I am hungry for an atmosphere creating a language with unfolding patterns caressing the shadows of trees. Gesture, texture, surprise dancing with frustration and occasional erase marks my hand painting purple silver feathery clouds. Figures harnessing silhouettes of Naples and Lemon yellow creating a space while my mind carries a song and listens to the subtle dialogue within a painting."